‘We Go On’ Review (Shudder Exclusive)

Stars: Clark Freeman, Annette O’ Toole, John Glover, David Bickford, Justin Carpenter, Jay Dunn, Edwin Garcia II, Laura Heisler, Terry Kaye, Logan Kishi, Peter Lucas | Written and Directed by Jesse Holland, Andy Mitton

Phobia-ridden and driven by a sense of existential dread (and also, literally, his mother, in her car) a man places an ad in the newspaper: prove the existence of life after death, win thirty thousand dollars. Of the many replies he receives (including, apparently, many masturbators), Miles narrows the applicants down to just three – a scientist, a medium and an entrepreneur.

First and foremost, We Go On is a road movie; a mother and her son, seeking answers. Like a downbeat Mulder and Scully, the sceptic (or flat-out unbeliever) and the agnostic, scrabbling for hope in a world which often terrifies the latter. Such a concept would be nothing without a strong pair of leads, and this
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