Review: ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ is a Clever, Satisfying Expansion

John Wick‘s box-office score made inevitable another go-round with the seemingly undefeatable assassin whose soft spot for muscle cars and puppy dogs led to a whole lot of trouble, in turn making inevitable the fear (at least for yours truly) of diminishing returns. Is there any way one of this century’s leaner, finer American action movies wouldn’t be given the bigger-is-better treatment? Probably not. What about the kick-ass picture really needed an adding-to? Whatever its flaws, John Wick hit where it counts — a place where improvement is possible, certainly, if not so necessary when running the risk that a good time be diminished with weak imitation. Now that a sequel is upon us, you may ask: is it a step towards something better?

The answer is a bit of yes and no both, and that, I’m happy to report, is just fine. Closer to an expansion
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