Sundance 2017: Here Are the Cameras Used to Shoot This Year’s Acclaimed Films

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IndieWire reached out to the filmmakers behind the feature-length narrative and documentary films premiering this week to find out what cameras they used and why they chose them. Here are their responses.

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Dramatic Competition & Next

Cory Finley, “Thoroughbred

Arri Alexa Mini. Panavision G-Series lenses.

The Dp, Lyle Vincent, was very particular about getting a hold of both. They gave us flexibility in shooting and helped create the very precise, high-contrast, and slightly dreamy look we were going for.

Gillian Robespierre, “Landline

Arri Alexa with some vintage lenses

Landline” takes place in 1990’s Manhattan. My Dp Chris Teague and I talked a lot about what shooting a period movie from a recent period would look and feel like. Unfortunately, we were not able to shoot on film, and added a texture of LiveGrain during color
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