The Russians Have Their Own Guardians Movie and It Looks Like Fun

Marvel and DC don’t have a lock on superheroes.

The Russians have their own. And they call themselves the Guardians.

A trailer has been making its way on the Internet from Russia that promotes a team of superheroes battling military soldiers and tanks.

They have their own version of an Invisible Woman and a Winter Soldier look-alike with a sickle. But, one character really is noticeable—a giant-sized bear that can shoot and kill.

Granted, I don’t know what’s going on since I don’t speak Russian. It looks like a fun action movie from the international community (or it could end up like South Korea’s D-wars if you remember that).

Here are details on these superhero:

Arsus – Has an ability to transform into half-man, half-bear. Not only that, he can transform into full bear mode. Whoa.

Ler – Has the ability to manipulate rocks. He can
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