Nine Lives Blu-Ray Review – Kevin Spacey And Jennifer Garner Love Kids

Nine Lives is a film that’s dangerous to make these days, and that’s largely because Disney isn’t in it’s ’70s mode. That means efforts with fairly decent budgets and big stars that center around people turning into dogs, or field-goal-kicking mules, are looked down upon by everyone looking to take a shot at any film they can.

This is a fantastically goofy movie that, using some lens or another, has no redeeming qualities at all beyond the possible idea that the actors are actually performing their roles rather well. It’s not an uncommon lens, and there aren’t many who are particularly championing things like The Shaggy D.A. (especially when 2006’s Tim Allen remake The Shaggy Dog hit), but these family-friendly charmers don’t deserve the dissection they usually get these days.

In this one, Kevin Spacey plays an ultra-rich business tycoon, Tom Brand, who
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