Napa Valley Film Festival Review: ‘Second Nature’

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Stars: Collette Wolf, Sam Huntington, Carollani Sandberg, Carolyn Cox, Riley Shanahan, Angela Andrews, David M. Austin, Mary Bayley, Angela Dimarco, Stefan Hajek | Written by Michael Cross, J.C. Ford, Edi Zanidache | Directed by Michael Cross

Second Nature couldn’t have found its place in the world at a more opportune time (What with Trump vs Hillary and all). A balls out funny as hell comedy about a woman who against all the nay-sayers is going to run for Mayor against a womanizing, no morals and for lack of a better word Ass-hole who thinks the job is already sewn up. Seems standard right?? Well no not really throw in a Magic Mirror and some Freaky Friday gender swapping and you have Second Nature.

Without jumping into spoilers though, the kicker is this… It’s not our main characters who have swapped roles like in most of these movies. It is the world around them!
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