Why Mel Gibson Could Find Redemption with ‘Hacksaw Ridge’

Why Mel Gibson Could Find Redemption with ‘Hacksaw Ridge’
As Mel Gibson’s “Hacksaw Ridge” opens around the country, a movie that is playing well for critics and audiences is tainted by a gifted filmmaker with a sticky scandal.

The deja vu is fresh, after “The Birth of a Nation” director-star Nate Parker tried to promote his movie while being shadowed by his 1999 rape trial, and the surprise news that the accuser committed suicide in 2012. After a rapturous response at Sundance and at the Toronto International Film Festival, the movie made a lackluster opening in October. His Oscar hopes? Over.

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However, that’s not Gibson. Nor is he a celebrity bad boy whom people secretly admire for rascally behavior (pot-smoker Robert Mitchum), or an addict who gains warm support when he goes straight (Robert Downey, Jr.), or an Oscar-winning director (Elia Kazan
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