The 11 actors who’ve played Superman

Rob Leane Mike Cecchini Oct 11, 2016

From Kirk Alyn and George Reeves to Henry Cavill and Christopher Reeve, meet the men who have brought Superman to the screen...

Although Batman has had the most big screen versions of his character (more on that here), Superman surely holds the record for most re-castings once you add his vast television history into the equation. From Smallville to television musicals via Man Of Steel and old-school cinematic serials, The Big Blue Boy Scout sure has got around over the years.

Of course, the iconic Christopher Reeve holds the record for most filmic appearances, and remains to many film fans The Superman. Henry Cavill is surely after both of those accolades, even if the former seems the more likely goal.

While we wait for Cavill’s Supes to receive a post-Metropolis-levelling ass-whupping from Affleck’s Batman, then, let’s have a look at the actors
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