October Horrors Day 7 – The Bay (2012)

The Bay, 2012

Directed by Barry Levinson

Starring Will Rogers, Kristen Connolly, Kether Donahue and Frank Deal


Presented in the style of a documentary, the film follows the events of a Fourth of July celebration gone wrong in the small fishing town of Claridge, Maryland, as the inhabitants, thanks to contaminated water, find their bodies playing host to a vicious, mutated parasite which threatens the survival of the whole town.

Let me say this early on, I’m not a big fan of the “found footage” sub-genre of horror films. I find the majority of them largely repetitive, boring, lacking in depth and too reliant on lazy jump scares.

Now are all of them bad? Of course not, for every ten shit “found footage” films, you get about one or two good ones.

The subject of today’s review, the gruesome eco-horror The Bay, is one of those good ones,
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