Jason Horton's A Director's Cut: Monsters in the Woods to Show Never-before-seen Creature Footage

Director Jason Horton is launching a new version of creature feature Monsters in the Woods. The Director's Cut will be available on October 4th, on Amazon Instant. The film stars: Glenn Plummer, Lee Perkins and Linda Bella. This latest release hosts more scenes and extra footage. As well, a new poster and trailer have been released for this title. All of the promotional material for A Director's Cut: Monsters in the Woods is available here. The film's story revolves around a film crew. They set out into the local park, to make a no-budget horror film. While on set, a pack of creatures attack the film crew, preventing further shooting. Now, the cast and crew must fight back or die, before post-production begins. Director Horton has something to say about this release. On his vision and on A Director's Cut: Monsters in the Woods, Horton says: “it'll never be 100% the
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