Exclusive: Transformers: Combiner Wars Interview With Amy Johnston

Cbm recently had the pleasure of interviewing Amy Johnston, the voice of Maxima in Machinima and Hasbro's Transformers: Combiner Wars animated series which is currently streaming on go90.  In our chat, we touched on her performance as Maxima, whether there's more seasons of Combiner Wars coming down the line and also discussed some of her current and past projects.  While Johnston does a bang-up job providing voice acting for Maxima in Combiner Wars, her day-to-day occupation is kicking ass as a stunt actor and motion capture performer.  She's a frequent collaborator  with Bat in the Sun and played Harley Quinn in the Super Power Beat Down episode that featured Joker & Harley vs Deadpool & Domino.  She also had a role in the underrated 2013 underground-fighting thriller, Raze which starred  Zoë Bell and Rachel Nichols.  She also has a presence in anime fandom, as Dragon Ball fans should recognize Amy as the face
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