Exclusive – Stan Bush talks about Michael Bay not using “The Touch” in his Transformers movies

To mark the film’s 30th anniversary, we got in touch with rock singer Stan Bush to talk about The Transformers: The Movie‘s iconic theme song “The Touch”, and why it wasn’t used in the Michael Bay live-action movies.

Bush had re-recorded “The Touch”, and it looks like it very nearly made it into the final movie.

“I never found out what happened,” he told us. “It was pulled at the last minute. Like, a couple of weeks before the movie came out. There was going to be a little clip of it played by Bumblebee. It would have been a cool thing for the fans, but I don’t know. I got conflicting stories that Michael Bay was trying to distance himself from the original film. It was all speculation, but I never found out what happened.”

For Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Bush re-recorded “The Touch
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