Covering Your Online Porn Tracks

Are your private Internet habits permanently burned into your hard drive? Tom Weber on what your It department knows about you-and whether it's possible to fully cover your tracks.

It's been an eventful year in the annals of privacy, from the new airport dilemma-digital strip search or physical pat-down?-to WikiLeaks' reminder that today's supposedly private emails may be tomorrow's Internet fodder. The next possible frontier: your laptop.

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Or more specifically, where you've surfed to on it? When the most powerful government on earth can't keep its interoffice memos private, do your own secrets stand a chance?

Previously, The Daily Beast identified eight different groups of people with the ability to pry into your private Web surfing, from marketers who track your movements online to nosy neighbors snooping into your WiFi network. (See The Porn Spies in Your Laptop.
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