FrightFest Presents Review – Curtain (2015)

Curtain, 2015.

Directed by Jaron Henrie-McCrea.

Starring Danni Smith, Tim Lueke, Rick Zahn and Martin Monahan.


A young woman buys an apartment and discovers a portal to another dimension that likes eating shower curtains. No, really…

Otherwise known as The Gateway, Curtain is an odd little movie that clearly has some big ideas lurking somewhere deep within it but unfortunately director Jaron Henrie-McCrea just doesn’t have the resources to bring it out.

Ex-nurse-turned-eco-warrior Danni (Danni Smith) moves into a small apartment, unaware that the previous inhabitant slit his own throat in the bathroom. Whilst trying to tart the place up a bit she buys a shower curtain and hangs it up in its rightful place, only when she walks back into the bathroom the curtain is gone. Puzzled, she buys another one and the same thing happens again so she buys a third and sets up a camera to film what is happening.
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