The Top 100 Your Sinclair Zx Spectrum Games: #43 – Midnight Resistance

At the rather uneventful, amazingly hum-drum game that was Rescue, we now arrive at a game that truly is the complete opposite – a game in the Your Sinclair Top 100 that is so full of action and colour that if your shoelaces aren’t done up tight enough your socks will be blown off! At No.#43 is Midnight Resistance from Ocean Software and it’s ruddy brilliant!

Midnight Resistance started its action-packed life as a Data East arcade game back in 1989, and it was brought to the Zx Spectrum by the Special FX team which included James (Jim) Bagley, Charles Davies and with some excellent music composed by Keith Tinman [listen to that here] in 1990; albeit it a conversion from the arcade game, it in a way was a completely unique game for the Zx Spectrum gamers.

As with most shooting games the plot behind it is one you could write down on a cigarette paper.
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