TV Review/Recap: Dead Of Summer S1E2: “Barney Rubble Eyes”

There’s something freeing in knowing that you won’t have to feel conflicted about reviewing something, in this case Dead of Summer. Sure, I’ll probably find a few enjoyable morsels here and there about this show but overall, these recaps are just going to be one big roast. Episode 2 recap begins below, and it’s a doozy. You can watch along on Hulu or on the official Freeform website, if you’re feeling masochistic.

First, let me just say that this episode title is the kind of pseudo-Stephen King nonsense I was hoping this series wouldn’t devolve into. The unending parade of pop culture references of the first episode should’ve raised red flags all over the place and naming the first episode after a GnR track was precocious enough but This is out of hand.

Anyway, the episode starts with a flashback, as usual, dating
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