Review: Clown is a Genuinely Disturbing Effort by Jon Watts

It’s hard to believe that a movie like Clown even got made in the first place; the project started out as a fake trailer several years ago, which caught the attention of Eli Roth (because his name was plastered all over it), who then brought the concept to Vertebra Films in hopes of getting the project off the ground for director Jon Watts.

Now, after all this time, Clown has finally arrived in the Us via Dimension Films, and while it could have used a little more trimming (especially in the film’s second act), by and large, Watts has crafted a genuinely creepy and disturbing body horror experience unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I had an immensely good time watching Clown, making it well worth the wait.

Clown follows Kent (Andy Powers), a real estate agent doing his best to juggle a demanding career and his responsibilities to his family.
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