Clown Review

ClownJon Watts’ long-silenced, Eli-Roth-produced possession flick – is despicably vile. Now, for a horror fan, this might come as a vote of confidence, and typically, you’d be right. I love a good horror movie that f#*ks me up in all the right ways, yet Jon Watts’ transformation-gone-goofy crosses a line that becomes less fun and overly morose. Everything suggests a wacky, wild metamorphosis – from a Peter Stormare bit-part to demon-infested clown suit – but this is grimy, gross-out horror with little meaning beyond kill, kill, and kill some more. It’s fun in spurts, but plays too serious for comfort most of the time – a Coulrophobic’s nightmare buried under weak, underdeveloped scripting.

Andy Powers stars as Watts’ father-turn-demon, a realtor named Kent. The day of his son Jack’s (Christian Distefano) birthday, their party clown cancels at the last minute, which Kent must remedy. As he wanders around an empty listing,
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