Sammo Hung’s ‘My Beloved Bodyguard’ – A Huge Disappointment !

Sammo Hung's 'My Beloved Bodyguard' - A Huge Disappointment !Action45%Story43%2016-05-2744%Overall ScoreReader Rating: (2 Votes)69%

Right, let me first prefix this by saying that I am and always will be a big fan of Sammo Hung.

But I’m also a fan of quality movies and If I come across a movie that really leaves a bad taste in the mouth then there is no way I can sugar-coat how bad it is ! ( I did the same with Jackie Chan’s incredibly poor ‘Chinese Zodiac’ ) , and let me tell you this My Beloved Bodyguard is bad. !

My Beloved Bodyguard aka ‘The Bodyguard’ is the latest film from one of the most pivotal figures in Martial Arts / Action Cinema.

The film features an all star cast including Andy Lau ( Infernal Affairs, House of Flying Daggers , Shaolin ) , Eddie Peng (Rise of the Legend ), Tsui Hark , Jun Hu ( Let The
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