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When I read the Arthur Ransome books in the late 1950s Titty, while not a familiar name, had no other connotations, and certainly not for someone of my age (Titty’s family ‘furious’ over name change for Swallows and Amazons film, 25 May). Now, I suspect that any 10-year-old would hear it and snigger, which militates against the innocence that the Altounyan family are aiming to preserve. Given that the second letter of the name has to be a vowel, Tatty seems about the only plausible alternative, even if it does suggest a degree of dishevelment.

Henry Malt

Bythorn, Cambridgeshire

• There is a Diy recession that George Osborne has forgotten (Letters, 25 May; Report, 23 May). In 1988 Nigel Lawson cancelled mortgage interest relief at source for unmarried couples, but delayed its introduction for a year. This resulted
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