Ktown Cowboys Is A Game Changer for Asian American Movies

I’m so excited to talk about this movie. I learned of this production through various Korean entertainment websites that I frequent. I was more than curious about it and couldn’t wait to check it out.

Ktown Cowboys, directed by Daniel Park, is described as a coming-of-age movie, but it’s more like an “adulting is hard” movie. Essentially it’s the live action counterpart of a web-series about a group of friends who are wading through the last remnants of immaturity as they finally begin to accept responsibility for their lives.

It sounds deep, but it’s not. In fact, it was hilariously awkward and frank. If you have ever seen 21 & Over, this movie is basically showing you the life of the Asian kid after college if he were Korean and his friends were also Korean. Completely the opposite of 21 & Over though, the whole Ktown Cowboys movie shows
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