‘The Phoenix Incident’ Review

Stars: Michael Adamthwaite, Troy Baker, James L. Brewster, James C. Burns, Holgie Forrester, Karl Girolamo, Matthew Grant Godbey, William Goldman, Yuri Lowenthal, Elise Muller, Liam O’Brien | Written and Directed by Keith Arem

Strange and otherwise terrifying things tend to happen on Friday the 13th, at least according to superstition and a certain horror franchise featuring a machete-wielding maniac, but it was on Thursday the 13th of March, in 1997, that the residents of Phoenix, Arizona experienced a good deal of unusual activity. On that night, an unidentified flying object was spotted and filmed by thousands of people in both Phoenix and Sonora, Mexico, and to date, the strange v-shaped pattern of lights has never quite been explained – at least not in any sort of satisfying way.

Leave it to a horror movie to come along and offer up a possible explanation.

Written and directed by video game producer/director/engineer Keith Arem,
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