‘Prey’ DVD Review

Stars: Jamie Anderson, Sofia Pernas, Zachary Soetenga, Pierson Fode, Juanxo Villaverde, Lindsey McKeon, Mark Steger | Directed by Alastair Orr

Prey, also known as Indigenous, follows a group of tourists as they travel to the paradise of Panama for their post-graduation vacation. After meeting a few locals, the five friends decide to check out a supposedly magical waterfall deep in the jungle, despite others warning them of the lurking indigenous Chupacabras. After their guide vanishes, the group soon find they have fallen prey to something stalking them in the jungle.

In this day and age of instant gratification, the fact that a movie has taken two years to finally see the light of day in the UK – especially given how fast non-theatrical titles hit VOD these days – is usually a bad omen. And that’s totally true of Prey; a film which wastes 25 minutes of its already short, less than 80 minutes,
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