The Punisher Took 'Daredevil' Star Jon Bernthal to a 'Very, Very Dark Place'

Before Jon Bernthal could fully become The Punisher for Season 2 of Marvel and Netflix's gritty superhero series "Daredevil," he had to take a little punishment of his own.

No stranger to high intensity Hollywood roles -- including "Fury," "Sicario" and his stint as Shane on "The Walking Dead" -- Bernthal's also an accomplished boxer in his increasingly-scant spare time. And in order to get himself most fully into the headspace of Frank Castle, the iconic anti-hero whose high-caliber mission of vengeance often brings him into conflict with more moralistic crusaders like Matt Murdock, the actor's willing to go as far as possible to bring his character to life.

Moviefone: One of the things that's interesting about Frank Castle is that he seems to resonate deeply with comic book fans. Tell me how the passionate following for The Punisher has influenced your take?

Jon Bernthal: It's enormously important to me.
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