Movie Review: Excess Flesh

Quick, what’s the grossest thing you can imagine watching in close-up slow motion? If you said eating, you’re correct. If you said vomiting, you are also correct. Yes, there can be more than one correct answer, let’s move past it. Patrick Kennelly’s debut feature Excess Flesh features both in…well, excess. It’s part psychological and part horror, and all too hard to watch because it’s representative of the body image issues we’re dealt with today. In a very extreme way, mind you.

Jill (Bethany Orr) has one of the worst roommate situations you can possibly imagine. Jennifer (Mary Loveless) is obnoxious, rude, loud, disrespectful, cruel, and abusive. She’s also an anorexic fashionista, and beautiful, and while Jill isn’t ugly by any means, Jennifer makes her ugly through her actions. Jill just wants Jennifer to be her friend and is constantly backhanded away.
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