Cannes regular Naomi Kawase on directing: "Waiting is important"

Cannes regular Naomi Kawase on directing:
Japanese filmmaker talks in Doha about the power of making the audience wait and her surprise over the popularity of her latest film An back home.

Director Naomi Kawase has revealed she was surprised by the success of her latest film An in her native Japan, after years of her work being largely ignored by local audiences, and the development could influence her future film-making.

“I’ve been wondering about this and I am still wondering about this as I try to identify the direction I’ll take on my next movie. I want as many people as possible to watch my movies - that’s a given,” the director told a master-class at Doha Film Institute’s Qumra event on Monday.

The tale of an elderly woman with a talent for making traditional red bean paste, An grossed just over $2m in Japan when it was released shortly after its premiere in competition at Cannes last year
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