Review: Excess Flesh Makes You Uncomfortable To Make A Point

Jill (Bethany Orr) is a typical misfit, a painfully shy girl who doesn't fit in in L.A., much less in her own apartment, which she shares with the superficial, abusive Jennifer (Mary Loveless), a class-a bitch who wolfs down bags of Doritos and dully throws them back up, never gaining an ounce. Stuck in this rut, it doesn't take long for Jill to snap. Patrick Kennelly's Excess Flesh is initially like one of those 90s-style "Roommate From Hell" thrillers ala Single White Female, but no Hollywood director would go to the extremes this one does; ditching any pretense of glitz or style, this is a straight-up grimy and unpleasant experience. Kennelly is clearly lashing out at the vapid L.A. scene, the one made up of...

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