Behind the Curtain by Jennie Kermode

Tunnel vision in Curtain

“It really began in the shower,” says Jaron Henrie-McCrea, talking about the idea behind his new film Curtain. “I come up with a lot of my ideas when I’m taking a shower. Nothing good was coming and I was staring at curtain when I wondered, what if it was gone? What if it suddenly disappeared?”

It’s a simple idea which led to a film that has wowed the festival circuit. Curtain (also known as The Gateway) tells the story of a young woman, Danni (Danni Smith), who moves into a new flat where disappearing shower curtains lead her to fear that someone is breaking in – only to discover something far more sinister. Initially, though, it was a tough idea to sell.

“I got to work on the script and I thought it was so good that I sent it to a writing competition but it was immediately rejected,
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