Excess Flesh (2015) review

Reviewed by Seth Metoyer


Excess Flesh is a slow moving thriller from director/co-writer Patrick Kennelly that attempts to shine a spotlight on body image issues with its social commentary but does so in an underwhelming fashion.

The film is mostly centralized on two women living in an apartment together. One is Jennifer (Mary Loveless), a thin, annoying party slut, and Jill (Bethany Orr), the less than attractive roommate who is verbally tormented about her weight by Jennifer. Jill reacts to this treatment by binge eating, puking and hitting herself as she eventually slides into a pit of insanity.

After Jill gets her ass kicked by the evil verbally abusive roomie, she reaches her breaking point and decides to chain the bitch to the wall in the apartment — taunting her with yummy cake and insane banter. There's a boyfriend thrown into the movie which only adds an annoying distraction to the already long,
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