Truenorth, Mystery pact for eight-strong slate

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Exclusive: Icelandic companies plan joint slate of Icelandic and English-language films including Óskar Jónasson’s Habeus Corpus.

Icelandic production companies Truenorth and Mystery are partnering on an ambitious slate of eight films to be shot over the next five years.

“Both companies were looking to expand into more European co-productions so we decided to join forces,” said Kristinn Thordarson, head of production at Truenorth.

David Oskar Olafsson of Mystery added that the slate’s eight productions are five in English and three in Icelandic.

“We had the same goals and ambitions,” Olafsson said “By joining teams, we felt we could be working on broader profile films.”

Leifur B Dagfinnsson of Truenorth said that both companies would continue to work on their own projects as well as the joint slate, and they would continue to have separate offices in Reykjavik.

The plan is to have eight to 10 films on the joint slate continually.

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