New Blue Bloods Season 6,Episode 15 Official Spoilers,Description Hit The Net

Recently, CBS dropped the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming "Blue Bloods" episode 15 of season 6. The episode is entitled, "Fresh Start," and it turns out that we're going to see some pretty interesting and dramatic stuff take place as a cop that's gone Awol, becomes the main focus for Baez and Danny. Then we'll also see Erin suffering from a major case of guilt after she lets a guy go that is accused of killing a cop, and more! In the new, 15th episode press release: Erin Is Overwhelmed With Guilt When A Man She Recently Set Free Is Accused Of Killing A Cop, On "Blue Bloods," Friday, Feb. 19. Press release number 2: Erin will end up getting overwhelmed with guilt after a man she set free is accused of killing a cop. Also, Frank and Mayor Poole are going to continue their game of political chicken over Frank's reappointment as commissioner,
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