Panic Fest 2016 Review: Everlasting Fragments A Young Woman's Fall

A young woman runs laughing in a field - and in a blur. "Catch me!", she shouts, eluding both her addressee and even the camera's focus. Sunlit, soft and slo-mo, the opening images of Anthony Stabley's Everlasting may suggest something ideal and Edenic - and yet these are also the genesis of a film-within-the-film, and by the time we are seeing them, many months after they were shot, their Eve is long dead, and their idyll has become an elegy. High school senior Matt Ortega (Adam David) had tried to capture the fleeting image of his girlfriend Jessie (Valentina De Angelis) on digicam for a video project. Yet since then, Jessie had exiled herself from Matt in her pursuit of work as a model, and...

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