‘American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire’ Review

Stars: Dayo Okeniyi, Shawn Thomas, Tyler Rice, Jeremy Isabella, Flood Reed, Claire Dodin, Matt Hish, Mike Apple, Brian Allen, John Joyce, Michael Todd Schneider, Paul J Hennigan, Gaya Malakian, Stephen O’Neil Martin, Chip Kratzinger | Written and Directed by Flood Reed

‘Based on a true story’? Check. Rural American setting packed full of aggressive Hillbillies and weirdos? Check. Not really based on a true story? Check. One of the most annoying American teenagers ever to inhabit a horror film this side of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s Franklin? Check and check, in spades. Said teenage irritation and his three relatively bland friends get into trouble seeking a fabled strip club (really) out in rural America.

What sets American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire apart from its fellow Deliverance and Texas Chain Saw Massacre imitators is its devotion to sleaze and annoyance. Both, for the most part, being intentional. Bevvies of big
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