‘Last Shift’ Review

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Stars: Juliana Harkavy, Joshua Mikel, J. Larose, Natalie Victoria, Sarah Sculco, Kathryn Kilger, Mary Lankford Poiley | Written and Directed by Anthony Diblasi

Horror is at its best when there isn’t a focus on over doing special effects to try to shock the audience. If a film can make use of its location, add in some lighting and create a feeling of claustrophobia then it can create scares better than any computer can. This is the strength of Last Shift.

Jessica Loren’s (Juliana Harkavy) first shit as a police officer is to stay in a closing police station alone until the hazmat team to come pick-up some bio-hazardous waste still left in the armoury. Meant to be the only person left in the station it’s not long before she finds herself haunted by both the living and the dead.

Last Shift is smart because it builds atmosphere before the horror is brought in.
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