[Review] Indigenous

A particular sub-set of travel horror exists to scare people away from real-life attractions with no regard for whether any threat actually exists. Films such as The Ruins, Chernobyl Diaries, and As Above, So Below gladly exploit a Mayan temple, the long-abandoned city of Pripyat, Ukraine, and the Paris Catacombs, respectively, as forbidden sites harboring contained evils lying in wait for unsuspecting victims – nevermind that countless tourists have managed to visit these places without incident.

The latest victim of this trend is the Darién Gap, a dense rainforest region located between Panama and Colombia. The area has bedeviled explorers and Pan-American highway developers alike, who have all battled its inhospitable landscape to varying degrees of success. But if Indigenous, a monster movie set in the Darién Gap, has anything to say about, it’s not the harsh terrain, swamps, insects, and other hazards keeping people from the natural wonder – it’s the Chupacabra,
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