‘Flesh and Bone 1×02: Cannon Fodder’ Review

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“Your brain plays all kinds of tricks on you when you’re overseas. Tells you all kinds of fucked-up shit.”

The motormouth veteran unlucky enough to pick Bryan as a seatmate on the bus to New York, a man who both looks and sounds like the voice track in a Godspeed You! Black Emperor single, knows exactly what constant stress and trauma does to the human mind, but as he says wistfully near the episode’s midpoint, “They wouldn’t want me now, even though I’d go back if I could.” The human urge to suffer, whatever the driving reason might be, is at the heart of ‘Cannon Fodder,’ but the episode doesn’t so much ask why it happens as it does let us lean in close and stare with frightened fascination at the people doing it.

There are causes, sure. Distrust is law among the ballerinas, as
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