Sliff 2015 review: The Summer Of Sangaile

How’s that old 1950’s standard go? “Why must I be a teeeen-ager in love?”. Well, for one thing teen love inspires countless films, from all over the world. Take Lithuania, for example. That’s the setting for The Summer Of Sangaile, a most magical time of year, indeed. Now, it is a love story, between two 17 year-old girls, set against the backdrop of fashion, photography, and … aeronautics? Tray table up and buckle yourself in…

The film begins at an air show at a small town airport. Lovely, somber Sangaile (Julija Steponaityte) has her head in the clouds, almost bumping into other flying fans, as she stares at the circling prop planes. She catches the attention of a brightly attired show worker, Auste (Aiste Dirziute), who is selling raffle tickets. The prize: a ride on one of the two-seater stunt planes. The friendly Auste gives the shy Sangaile a ticket,
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