Afm '15: Boundless Pictures Launches New Genre Label 'Firebrand'

Boundless Pictures' Founder Courtney Lauren Penn and Co-Founder Brandon Burrows have announced the launch of their new subsidiary label Firebrand, which will now handle its growing slate of elevated-genre pictures $10 million and under in budget.

Firebrand's inaugural picture is "The Perfect Weapon," which wrapped production last week (Monday, Oct 26th) starring Steven Seagal, Johnny Messner ("Tears of the Sun"), and Sasha Jackson ("'Till Death," "One Tree Hill"). The sci-fi actioner is directed by Titus Paar, written by Jessie Cillio, Alex Brenner, Ulysses Oliver, produced by Rafael Primorac, Andre Relis, Brandon Burrows, Courtney Lauren Penn and financed by the Fyzz Facility and Boundless Pictures through its Firebrand label. Next up for Firebrand is "Dead on Arrival."

Burrows will oversee finance and production for Firebrand's slate, while Penn will continue on in her position as President and Founder of Boundless Pictures, overseeing the parent company's slate of larger-budget, theatrical fare, $10 million and above. They include the upcoming time-travel thriller "Timeless," actioner "Run N Gun," K9 cop drama "Cry Justice," and a sequel to its Wesley Snipes actioner "Gallowalkers."

"Firebrand gives us the opportunity to ignite fierce, thrilling, elevated-genre stories and characters that, with the right tincture of release strategy and star power, demand a focused producing strategy of it's very own. We're thrilled to have partners like the Fyzz, work with a legend like Steven and from here on out, give this core part of our company focus and it's own development team," said Brandon Burrows

"We recognized a bifurcation in our slate and the growing need to allocate our resources accordingly. We've been fortunate lucky enough, since our inception in 2010 to developmentally and strategically grow such that we can now grant each label the attention and support it needs to serve the stories and storytellers to the best of our ability. All storytelling is enhanced by focus and I'm thrilled that my partner Brandon is picking up our proverbial Firebrand and running with it," added Courtney Lauren Pen.

Firebrand has access to a private lending facility and Boundless Pictures Parent Company is backed by UK and Us-based private equity.
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