Fifteen Produces Real Terror for Some Viewers

Tagline: “Not Watching Might Kill You” "Fifteen" debuted on the Periscope App', this past October 29th. The film was shot live, by the actors. A short film, "Fifteen" involves a pre-Halloween party and a serial killer. The film starred Neil Napier ("Helix"), Sarah Booth and Hannah Kat Jones. The film was developed from a script by Gavin Michael Booth (The Scarehouse). And, the full film is available here. From the synopsis, two roommates are getting ready for a Halloween party. But, there is an unexpected masked guest. Holding his phone and the Periscope App', this killer films his misdeeds, until he finds out that this is the wrong house to mess with. The full film is approximately 20 minutes long. The camera switches hands a couple times as the killer stalks his prey. The original broadcast included thousands of horror viewers, with some believing the film was actually real. Fans
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