DVD Review – Stung (2015)

Stung, 2015.

Directed by Benni Diez.

Starring Matt O’Leary, Clifton Collins Jr., Jessica Cook, Tony de Maeyer, Lance Henriksen, Cecilia Pillado, David Masterson.


A swarm of mutant killer wasps go on the rampage at a well-to-do garden party.

Creature feature B-movies, much like zombie movies, have become so numerous with the advances of CGI special effects technology that the novelty factor that once came with creating giant bugs and other gruesome monsters for the screen has often given way to complete indifference towards actors reacting to computer generated effects. There have been some notable exceptions in recent years – 2009’s excellent Infestation is a great example of getting the balance right – but the rise of SyFy Channel-style cheapness and the very self-aware nature of films like Sharknado has somewhat taken the edge off the genre.

However, every so often a movie like Stung comes along and reminds you that giant
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