Tiff ’15: ‘Ville-Marie’ is the 2004 version of Cronenberg’s ‘Crash’ en Français


Written by Guy Édoin, Jean-Simon DesRochers

Directed by Guy Édoin

Canada, 2015

There’s a secret unwritten law in the Canadian film industry: Every decade, one Canadian director must make a movie that centers around car crashes. In 1996, David Cronenberg did Crash. In 2004, Paul Haggis did a very different Crash. Premiering at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival is Guy Édoin’s film Ville-Marie or Crash en Français (in French).

Ville-Marie, is a 2015 French Canadian film about of two families united by tragedy. The head of the first family is Sophie (Monica Bellucci), a renowned actress returning from Europe to film a movie with her partner Robert (Frédéric Gilles) and to visit her son Thomas (Aliocha Schneider). The second family is composed of a ragtag collection of nurses, paramedics, and staff at the local hospital. Pascale Bussières plays Marie – the patriarch of that peculiar band of brothers.

There are several things to like about the movie.
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