Review: She’s Funny That Way

This is the Pure Movies review of She's Funny That Way, directed by Peter Bogdanovich and starring Imogen Poots, Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, Rhys Ifans and Will Forte. Reviewed by Dr. Garth Twa. Let’s not dwell on the bad stuff. It’s a good thing to share a planet with Peter Bogdanovich. He’s made it slightly better. He was an integral part of that bubble of filmmaking— late ‘60s, early ‘70s—when American films became an art form, comparable to great American novels, comparable to the redefinition of drama by the post-war playwrights. (Sort of like what cable television is doing now.) In the late 1960s the old, classic studios were moribund: anti-trust violations had decimated the monopolistic structure of Hollywood and television had hacked the audience in half almost overnight. Also, the studios were pretty much finished after the disintegration of the Star System, where studios outright
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