Contracted: Phase II Review

One of the biggest surprises of 2013 for me was ContractedEric England’s tight little body-horror flick about a “Patient Zero” who hopes to destroy mankind by spreading a deadly Std. Weaker stomachs might have to watch most of the action through interwoven fingers, but as a contagion thriller, England’s style ensures that societal horrors come first and foremost.

Fast-forward two years, and we’re here to discuss Contracted: Phase II, a sequel that doesn’t see any involvement from England himself. First-time screenwriter Craig Walendziak and music video director Josh Forbes (you know, the guy who totally had an awful time at the MTV VMAs) take over as the creative team behind IFC Midnight’s hopeful successor, which provides the opportunity for a refreshing new take on England’s origin. Contracted is only the beginning of the end! Walendziak and Forbes had limitless possibilities for their world-continuing biological disaster,
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