Aquanoids coming soon to the Zx Spectrum

Coming soon to the Zx Spectrum is a brand new platform game from Neil Parsons called Aquanoids.

That’s correct, you read the opening sentence correctly this platformer is coming to the Zx Spectrum – the fantastic rubber keyed beast that parents and retro gods/nerds (delete on how you roll) still pine for.

However, most of you quite possibly don’t have a Zx Spectrum – unlike myself – so we’ll link an emulator below.

A team of robots with a high rate of AI have been programmed to clean the seabed of human filth, in a somewhat distant future. It has given them a little job in a particular area where some thugs have thrown into the background a number certain boxes discharged batteries but toxic elements inside, from pleasure yachts and other boats nearby port. For these robots, this work is already part of your routine and do not bother them in the least.
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