Pixels Accidentally Files Copyright Claim Against Its Own Trailer, Forcing Its Removal

Man, the Adam Sandler-starring Pixels just can.t get out of its own way. Not only did the classic video game-themed action-comedy fail to cause much of a stir at the box office when it was released last month, but Columbia Pictures recently filed a copyright infringement suit that resulted in the trailer for their own picture being taken down from Vimeo. According to Geek.com, Entura International, an anti-piracy firm that deals with the logistics and execution of copyright suits for the holders, filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (Dcma) notice on behalf of Columbia. This was intended to target potential pirates of the film, which has been savaged by critics (ours, however, loved it) and generally ignored by audiences. That.s all well and good, piracy has become a big issue for Hollywood studios. Problems arose, however, because the motion filed was incredibly broad and targeted any
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