György Palfi's New Film, 'For Ever,' is Looking for Help on Indiegogo

"For Ever" is the new film by acclaimed director György Pálfi and it's being produced by Kmh Film and Sunpunks Entertainment.

The story is based on the Hungarian novel ‘Our Street’ by Sandor Tar and the script was written by Zsófia Ruttkay and György Palfi. "For Ever" stars Tamás Polgár, ("Delta") Julia Ubrankovics, ("Virtually a Virgin") Attila Menszátor-héresz ("Freefall") and Mercédesz Érsek-Obádovics.

The films deals with a post-apocalyptic Hungarian-Ukranian village where everything is rotten, only alcohol moves people around, and planes randomly crash. In this wasteland Ocsenas is the one who helps everyone out. He is only living hero trying to survive against savages and war while inside a love triangle that will defines his future.

The shooting is almost over and now the filmmakers have started crowdfunding campaigns to raise enough funds for post-production. You can take a look at the Indiegogo campaign Here.

György Palfi's Filmography

-2002. "Hukkle"

(Cottbus, San Sebastian, Tiff, European Film Awards)

-2006. "Taxidermy"

(Cannes - Un Certain Regard,Cottbus, Sitges)

-2009." I am not your friend"

(Karlovy Vary)

-2012. "Final Cut: Ladies And Gentleman"

(Cannes Classics Closing Film)

-2014. "Freefall"

(Karlovy Vary – Best Director Award, Chicago Iff)
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