Finding emo: why the metaphysical mouldbreaker Inside Out will send kids out of their mind

Once upon a time, kids’ films were simple, but with happy resolutions. Now along comes Pixar with an adventure that embraces sadness and doubt

Inside Out, the new film from Pixar, is a dream for children, a delight for parents and a nightmare for the critics sent to deconstruct it. How do you explain the inner workings of a movie that purports to be all inner workings; that lifts the bonnet to reveal the engine? Judged on face value, Pete Docter’s picture tells the tale of 11-year-old Riley, who travels far from home and eventually learns to make sense of a strange new environment, just as Dorothy did in The Wizard of Oz. Except don’t judge it on face value, because that’s missing the point. Deliberately, audaciously, Inside Out sets out to show the cognitive wheels turning. It makes the girl into the stage and casts her emotions as the heroes.
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