10 reasons I listen to Howard Stern

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10 reasons I listen to Howard Stern
I don't have a lot of friends who listen to "Howard Stern, and many of them are baffled by my obsession with the King of All Media. I suppose the fact that I'm a gay man has something to do with this, given that Howard is traditionally viewed as a straight-male icon. But I love him, I listen to every second of his show and I will continue to do so until he chooses to retire (a distinct looming possibility given that his contract with Sirius is up at the end of the year). I'll admit: I'm a latecomer to the Stern universe. I didn't become a regular listener until about six years ago (i.e. the very tail end of the Artie era) and missed out on the "Golden Age" terrestrial years -- though the claim that he was at his peak in the '80s and '90s is often made,
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