Michelle Gomez interview: Comedy, Doctor Who

We interview Michelle Gomez about slapstick, stand-up, Steven Moffat, playing Doctor Who's Missy, and her new web series...

Michelle Gomez, seen last year as Doctor Who’s havoc-causing, murderous Missy, has a memorable history of bananas TV roles behind her. There’s been Green Wing’s Sue White, Bad Education’s Pickwell, and more recently Psychobitches’ meth-head Mary Queen Of Scots and projectile-vomiting Margaret Thatcher.

If you were to make a Venn diagram depicting the crossover between deeply funny and fundamentally unhinged TV characters, you'd likely end up with just a .gif of Gomez, gnashing her teeth and riding a camel.

In new web series Heather’s American Medicine, she takes on another comic persona, that of a straight-talking online agony aunt doling out highly questionable advice to America’s troubled citizens.

We caught up with Gomez, whose take on The Master is confirmed to be returning to Doctor Who this year,
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