Hooked Up Review

How is Hooked Up the first and only horror movie to be shot completely on an iPhone camera? I mean, we’re living in an age of found footage oversaturation that’s exploring every possible movie-viewing-medium, be it through watching a computer screen (Unfriended) or wearing concealed spy glasses (V/H/S), so the fact that there isn’t an Entire found-footage-iPhone movie in existence makes me think this stale subgenre may have some fresh vitality left. Unfortunately, none of that reinvigorated energy emerges throughout Hooked Up - an aggravating bit of bro-horror that’s built on a few cheap jump scares, disgusting dialogue delivered by unlikable leads, and a sloppily undercooked haunted house story that’s dropped like a bad cell call.

Pablo Larcuen’s hormone fueled sex-cation opens with the introduction of Hooked Up‘s two lead characters, Tonio (Jonah Ehrenreich) and Peter (Stephen Ohl). As Peter slouches over their apartment toilet,
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